09.C Apply

Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator?

So interested in empathy as a topic and getting better at cultivating it

Team Building Is Awesome


I am interested because the process is so useful and beautiful with so much potential for healing. It has improved my relationships. I would like to offer it to more people to see if it works for them.

I'd like to facilitate workshops promoting empathy and kindness.

I believe it is a valuable tool to address and grow from conflict in communities. I see it as having enormous benefits in the workplace.

As part of my work with people, as a life coach, both adults and children. I educate in personal resilience and mindfulness, in particular.

to enrich myself, and in hoping to help spreading these ideas in my community

I've been invested in Non-Violent Communication for a few years now but only just learned about Empathy Circles. I am eager to practice, practice, practice and to learn how to facilitate myself. Being a lifelong learner is one of my core values and this is a great opportunity to "go deep" in my own education. There's also a lot of conflict amongst my extended family members and I would love more empowerment to help empathy and peace blossom.

To support self and group connection, deep warm presence, empathy awareness and NVC mindful consciousness with care and ownership

to help me in my work within XR, to create safer spaces around me, to help me in my work in schools.

Improve my communication skills in order to help others improve emotional wellbeing

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles?

Not sure yet

Online and if opportunity arises after Covid lockdown elsewheres

At work

I want to extend my tiny offerings on zoom in a slightly more formal way.



In schools and workplaces to help improve wellbeing (stress levels post Christchurch earthquakes still high after 10 years)

in Berlin and online

Amongst my extended family members, primarily. As a stretch goal, I may one day try to implement Empathy Circles in a workplace setting.

At my local Unity Church Zoom, Meet Up Group on-line and possibly in my neighborhood

Scotland, France and possibly online.

Online and Albany

What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles?

Mutual understanding, more compassion, better collaboration, especially in the workplace

people getting heard once in a while

Social justice, microaggressions, anti-racism, inclusion and belonging. Will mitigate conflict and open up opportunities for understanding and appreciating differences

Being seen and heard. Seeing and hearing. Slowing down. These seemingly simple things are so beneficial for all of us.

Creating a kind community. Alleviating loneliness.

Ability to grow and heal together, learning how to safely and effectively engage in difficult conversations, learning how to express emotions, building relationships and trust.

Wellbeing benefits, as well as socially connecting at a deeper level and understanding others more, bridging communcation gaps (e.g., indigenous people, Maori, and mainstream "pakeha" or "whites" culture)

helping me me others to be more connected to each others and ourselves

I strongly believe that people do better when they feel better. Empathy Circles seem like a wonderful way to help people feel better without advanced educational degrees, high fees, or other barriers to access. I'm compelled by the structure that so strongly encourages people to listen and replay what the other person is saying, even if they vehemently disagree. I see how this approach can gently push open doors to other points of view and want to facilitate that.

So that I can build upon and practice holding the sacred space for myself and others of reflective listening.

Allowing people to feel truly listened and to really pay attention to what others are saying.

More kindness, less stress

Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this application? If so, what are they?

paypal button

No not at this time

Not at this stage, but happy to provide after training.

I think it's a good application form


Eventual may consider learning the depth and distinction of our pure observation vs. evaluation; feelings and thinking, needs vs. strategies, and request vs. demand.

Any other questions or comments?

Can't wait!

Thanks for your time


I'm want to make the jump to facilitating outside of my 'safe' circles of friends. I 'm not keen on FB and find it hard to negotiate the admin to find the support that seems just out of reach.


When is the next session? 9D?

Look forward to training in Empathy Circles, even if it means getting up before 5am!

thank you :)

I'm looking forward to this training!

I'm excited to continue this hearing art of active NVC Consciousness and listening skills.

I'm hoping to take my second circle tomorrow at the empathy circle introduction café.

What happens if I am unable to attend a session because of work