07. Feedback

11 responses

What was most valuable about this Session for you?

  1. Meeting each of the participants and hearing their reasons for participation in the training

  2. The topic of the circle. Helped to clarify core values. Microdoses of Love

  3. I appreciate the framing of the practice in terms of the guiding principles, aims, and values :)

  4. Hearing about the theory (values) that informs the practice / model of EC's.

  5. Hearing more about what the facilitator is doing from their side.. a lot more to it than I thought!

  6. To share how I felt about being a facilitator

  7. Meeting others from around the world - learning from others (cathartic moments)

  8. Group intro, meeting the rest of the trainees, recap on training skills

  9. practice of the facilitation with feedback

  10. Coaching from Lou

  11. Rita gave us some content I suppose was from her experience or trainer training, very helpful.

What would you change about the Session to make it better for you?

  1. Nothing really

  2. Can't say.

  3. nothing I can think of!

  4. Nothing

  5. I was having connectivity problems, so missed quite a bit of the second half...not sure what to do about that, hope it doesn't happen again next time

  6. I would't change anything

  7. Maybe a weekend session would be good

  8. nothing, it was really great

  9. loved it

  10. There wasn't quite enough time for the breakout practice partly b/c one person had technical issues.

  11. I would like to observe Edwin and another trainer engaged in a difficult circle

What questions are in your mind right now about facilitating Empathy Circles?

  1. How to manage participants who don't adhere to the process

  2. I want to be a better active listener. I take notes and not sure it is necessary a good aspect of my practice of empathy circle

  3. I have lots haha, the biggest one is probably how to embed the empathic listening practice into the more free-form conversations I have as a way to sort of subliminal-empathize with whoever I'm talking to, and seed the culture in the everydays

  4. Do they always work? What happens if they don't work?

  5. 1) Whether people can do it who are technologically challenged -- like me! 2) What to do when people are being purposely disruptive or disagreeable

  6. How to handle circles when things get out of control

  7. Will I be good enough

  8. simply trying to deepen confidence and skills

  9. simply need to keep practicing and building confidence

  10. How I would handle bigger challenges. I fear sounding like a scolding teacher.

  11. Would like a list of topics/questions that have proved to be both thought provoking and safe-ish at the same time. Maybe we could have an hour creative meeting. Forethought prior to meeting would be useful. I would appreciate hearing pros and cons of ideas.

Write a question you think we could add to this post-session survey?

  1. n/a

  2. Nothing to add

  3. We might want to have an opportunity to list potential topics and use some time on to toss them around. Pros and Cons would be interesting to hear.

  4. add a question about the buddy call! - how was it; was there something you wanted to talk about but didn't; reflect on the role of mutual support in the culture of empathy...? maybe these are too big for a survey haha

  5. Do you wish to continue the training?

  6. It seems complete to me as it is

  7. I think the survey is okay

  8. What was the take home message?

  9. What kind of support are you thinking you'll want to facilitate your own Empathy Circles?

  10. What ideas do you have for a topic in future Empathy Circles