04. Feedback

10 responses

What was most valuable about this Session for you?

  1. won't know until I've absorbed and processed the session

  2. Facilitator's observations and disruptions

  3. I am having a difficult day and my mind is very distracted, so I do not remember

  4. getting all our muscle ready.... everyone sink into the space.... getting ready for further exploration.

  5. The introduction, values, empathy practice. All very valuable.

  6. getting to know how the empathy circle works

  7. The ‘practice’ of reflection and the resonance of individual coming together to learn About EMPATHETIC listening

  8. Receiving empathy that I needed

  9. The opportunity to practice speaking and listening

What would you change about the Session to make it better for you?

  1. I cant suggest yet how it could be improved

  2. Shorter and at an earlier time of day. The last half hour was difficult for me

  3. It was satisfactory

  4. I am having a difficult day and my mind is very distracted, so I do not remember

  5. I don't know if it's desired but everyone to have more space to get to know others.

  6. I would've liked to submit questions before the first session OR at the beginning of the first session so that I wasn't sitting there wondering if/when there would be time to ask burning questions - I would just be participating without that noise.

  7. short break in the middle

  8. At this moment nothing to say

What questions are in your mind right now about facilitating Empathy Circles?

  1. I fear if I am facilitating that I might be too directive and prescriptive and make people nervous but more i fear having to mange the clock at the same time

  2. Can/Should note taking be used by listeners

  3. Will i manage the clock

  4. How will I make it through tonight's session given my current mental state

  5. just wanting to few more ready and start.

  6. Would you ever not allow people to comment on what someone else has shared? I sometimes find it very distracting when someone brings up something I've said when my time is over - it makes whatever that was alive for me again and difficult to move on.

  7. to know more about the ritual aspect of circles

  8. Would need more practice n confidence to do so

  9. None

  10. what happens next

Write a question you think we could add to this post-session survey?

  1. What are your fears about being a facilitator ?

  2. What else would you like to say about the session

  3. Any fears about undertaking the facilitation

  4. Is there anything else you want us to know about the session?

  5. what each person's longing for now they have a taste for the first session.

  6. "Anything else you'd like us to know?"

  7. How often do you feel heard (frequently, rarely, never etc)

  8. At this moment nothing

  9. None

  10. How will you use your training?