03. Feedback

Responses 12

What was most valuable about this Session for you?

  1. Another chance to practice the introduction and facilitate a circle

  2. questions that others have

  3. Experiencing how the values were expressed by the structure of the circle

  4. Learning that other people struggle with aspects of the circles.

  5. I'm not sure what was more valuable than something else. I'm most aware of a growing sense that there is no 'right' way to hold circle. And noticeing how challengeing it is to really pay attention to everyone's speaking for 2 hours and more.

  6. The one minute contemplation on the topic beforehand

  7. Being able to practice difficult situations and having fun doing it

  8. Values of culture of empathy

  9. Practice

  10. Opportunity to practice in safety.

  11. Learning core principles

  12. Deepening and sharing questions

What would you change about the Session to make it better for you?

    1. nothing i can think of

    2. movement breaks

    3. Nothing

    4. nothing

    5. I spent quite a lot of time being distracted and anxious about the way the light was hiding my eyes on screen. Hopefully that wont happen again.

    6. I can't think of anything

    7. Not much, honestly.

    8. Timing - an hour earlier would work better for me

    9. Provide structure of class in the chat as well.

    10. Encourage disruptions.

    11. Perhaps a shorter empathy circle.

    12. Nothing

What questions are in your mind right now about facilitating Empathy Circles?

  1. none

  2. can't think of now

  3. How Different personalities and energies of facilitators might do their best at facilitating

  4. How do I stay motivated?

  5. What is the best size of circle? 6 felt a bit big. Would it be useful to include a break for a stretch, drink, bathroom break, to help people be grounded in their body ( heart)? I Is that important? Can I pay attention and be aware of everyones energy in the group in order to hold the space? Is that even neccessary?

  6. Will anyone ever sign up to my circles?! I've sent out an email to friends and no one has responded :(

  7. Just how online and in-person circles differ.

  8. none at the moment

  9. Important for facilitator to keep conversation on topic?

  10. Will I always be an admin in case I need to mute/kick people? Can the facilitator choose who goes first?

  11. How to set up in local group, being the only facilitator.

Write a question you think we could add to this post-session survey?

  1. what do you think you need to practice more of?

  2. none

  3. i can't think of one

  4. Cant think of one right now.

  5. Nothing springs to mind

  6. Maybe just say "Anything else?"

  7. What stopped you from attending the session (for those, who didn't come)